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  • How many times have you heard the phrase “if it’s too good to be true… then it probably isn’t.”? In January of 2010 I attended a solar workshop at the Killingworth Library given by Kapil Luthra and his brother Harsh. They were very knowledgeable about solar systems and how to get leasing and funding. I contacted them after the workshop for an individual meeting because “it sounded too good to be true”. Kapil was great explaining the cost benefits, leasing or purchasing, the installation process, and the outside inspections. Harsh prepared a proposal that included how the system works, an aerial view of my property for the proposed location, energy analysis and cost comparisons, 30 year costs of electricity, environmental benefits, terms and conditions and the agreement.

    In July of 2012 BeFree Solar’s team built and installed a 6.16kW ground mount system composed of 28 panels. In three days we were operational. The workers were friendly, courteous, professional, and completed a perfect install. The Killingworth Town building inspector was the first of three inspectors to approve the system. At the end of the project BeFree presented us with a binder containing all the information we could ever need about our system. It is a great reference for contact numbers and answering questions for repairs, what if we sell the house?, etc. We can monitor each individual panel on the web anytime and anywhere to make sure they are operating at peak performance. After almost four years of operation there has only been one repair, a defective breaker shut down half the system. The electrician came out immediately and replaced it. No charge.

    Over 4 years the environmental benefit has been huge. Using solar panels to date we have stopped 20,328.32 pounds of carbon emissions, planted an equivalent of 17 trees, and save 14.87 barrels of oil. We have not purchased one kilowatt of energy from the power company. In fact for the past three years they have written us a check every March for the extra kilowatts we have generated!

    “If it sounds too good to be true, and it involves BeFree Solar don’t fret over it because, it definitely is true!” I highly recommend BeFree Solar for all your solar needs.

    John Byrne Killingworth, CT
  • A little over a year ago I contracted with BeFree Solar to install solar panels at our home located at 241 Jackson Rd Higganum, CT. BeFree came to our house and interviewed us, did an audit of our electric needs, walked out property to determine the best location for the panels, inspected our existing electrical infrastructure and made recommendations as how to best upgrade our electrical system to take full advantage of the solar panels they were recommending. We chose to go with a 10,000kW array. BeFree quoted us a price to do the complete job. We decided to do some of the work ourselves which included digging the trenches and setting the sonutubes in order to lover the cost. BeFree was very supportive in this effort and answered all of my questions. Be Free gave us a start and completion date for the project and delivered on what they said.

    Our panels started working in December of 2012 and as of February 2014, here have only been two months we have paid more than the minimum of $16.00 per month. Our ills used to average $210.00 in the winter and over $320.00 in the summer. I believe that the system is a good investment for the environment and me.

    BeFree approached the project in a professional manor, returned all of my calls, and delivered exactly what they promised.


    Jonathan Williams Higganum, CT
  • I enjoyed dealing with Be Free Solar when I had them install my system. Everyone was very helpful with answering any questions I had. The installers were efficient and polite.

    Sylvia Fazzino Durham CT
  • BeFree Solar did a wonderful job pricing, installing and making our system operate. All their work was highly professional and their workmen were knowledgeable and very nice. Highly recommend this company!!!

    Wendy Ifkovic Killingworth, CT
  • The main reason I went Solar is I wanted to be off the "grid". The reason I went with BeFree Green Energy was because the Town of Haddam Connecticut picked BeFree Green Energy. I went to their presentation and I liked what I heard and I signed up to have them install their system. I am very happy with BeFree Green Energy, they monitor the systems they install and contact their customers several times during and after installation. I enjoy talking to the men and women who work for this company, they are very knowable and friendly.

    Loralee Woods Haddam, CT
  • I have had the Solar Systems for fourteen months and so far I am happy with it. I am getting about a 7% return on my investment. It feels good when you only have to send the power company $19 a month and that is only to be connected to the grid. The installation went well and so far I have had no problems.

    Donald McDougall Killingworth, CT
  • We had been thinking about solar for a long time and when Killingworth joined Solarize CT, we couldn't pass up the opportunity! BeFree won the bid and we got a great deal with excellent installation. My husband and I are so glad we took the leap! GO SOLAR with BeFree, you won't regret it!

    Margaret Tobelman Killingworth, CT
  • We have been very satisfied with our experience with BeFree Solar. We were operational about the last day of June 2015 so this year has not banked enough energy to get us through the winter, but looking forward to doing so next year. All of the representatives we have had contact with from the initial salesman who signed us up to the ones who have come to our house for inspections, etc. and those we have dealt with by phone have been the most courteous and helpful people. The installation went smoothly with very little disruption to our daily living. All in all our overall experience has been very positive and i would give them high marks.

    Helen Deag
  • We are very happy with our solar panels. The black color of the panels doesn't stand out and almost looks better than the plain roof. We face south and have a pretty wide open area , conducive to collecting the solar energy. Our panels were installed in June of 2015 and it is now March of 2016. We have not had to buy any energy from the electric company and only have to pay the hook up fee each month. We are especially pleased about this because we use a lot of energy. We thought that February and March would be poor months because of the lower sun and the shorter days, but evidently, due to the leaves not being on the trees, we are still collecting quite a bit. The computer monitoring system works great and is fun to observe to see how much energy you are collecting.

    Marjorie Tietjen Killingworth, CT
  • When we decided to build a house in 1984 we knew it had to be environmentally friendly. We investigated all that was available at the time, envelope, sheltered, passive & active solar homes. We wanted active solar but because of the expense, we went with passive solar. Finally last year we were able to get the solar panels that we wanted. Through our town, Be Free Solar was the company that installed our panels. They were more than accommodating with our schedules & they professionally guided us through the whole installation & inspection process We highly recommend Be Free Solar.

    The Cobbs Higganum, CT
  • BeFree installed our 10.75 kw homeowner owned system on July 2, 2015. Since that time the system has performed flawlessly, generating 6.30 mWh. We could not be more pleased. The electrical and installation crews were fully professional and BeFree easily worked around our roofing contractor's schedule as we also installed a new roof on our home. BeFree delivers great customer service and solid professional field work! We recommend them without reservation and with real enthusiasm.

    The O'Brien's Higganum, CT
  • We have been very pleased with our experience with BeFree. After speaking with several solar suppliers, we found BeFree's presentation to be the clearest and most economical. The project has been done very professionally every step of the way.

    Albert J. Fry Middletown, CT
  • My wife and I decided to go solar because of the rising cost of electricity in this area. We felt it is going to continue rising at alarming rates in the near future. We wanted to take our money into our own hands. Going solar gives us back that control. With only a 7.5 year payback on the capital we laid out after that it is all gravy. The people at BeFree Solar made it easy and with the rebates from federal and state made the numbers irresistible. Since we've been installed I haven’t had a power bill for more than $22, how awesome is that!?

    Josh Broder Higganum, CT
  • I have a friend who works for Solar City... I signed and ripped up his contract offering as I took the responsibility to check BeFree Solar. BeFree had/has the best rates and the most attractive looking panels! In additon, the sales rep (Bryant) showed lots of integrity and followed up accordingly. At no time during our engagement did I feel he was dishonest. He was confident - hence the results are there. I am MAKING money as my panels are producing more than I use. In short, BE FREE IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!

    Joseph E WIlls III Griswold, CT
  • Only had our system a year now and wish we did it sooner. Summer months have reduced our electricity bills by two thirds. Winter not so much, but every little bit helps. Installation only took a couple days and everyone has been very helpful.

    Karl Poglitsch Higganum, CT
  • Our 18 solar panels were installed in fall 2014, and the system was matched really well to our electricity use -- we only need to pay the basic $19.25 per month to Eversource and our panels generate everything we need. BeFree did a great job with the installation, and it is really amazing to know that we have reduced our carbon footprint through this action.

    Leslie Starr Haddam, CT
  • I decided on solar to save money on my electric bill and to have a back-up power source in the event of severe storms. It was a great decision with the savings continuing to add up. The back-up poser does not require gas or maintenance and has been very useful since installed.

    Donald O'Boyle II Killingworth, CT
  • We had solar installed because the town was going through a solarize program. We got it through a reasonable cost thinking it would add value to our home and cut our electrical which it certainly has. For over 2 years our bill was $19 a month. At that rate the system would have paid for itself in a few years. It worked perfectly for these years. We are very happy with the service.

    Richard Porter Durham CT
  • BeFree worked with us every step of the way to get the panels installed on our roof. Through numerous delays on our part (prerequisite roof repairs, qualification for financing, etc.) they hung in there, patiently accommodating our schedule. When the time arrived to install, it was done in 2 days. We just had our final inspection with the utility company and are looking forwards to seeing how the system performs when the sun gets higher in the sky.

    John Hines Milford, CT
  • We have been very happy with our solar system, and with BeFree Solar's work. They were very clear about the process, helpful with all of the procedural matters for approval and state subsidies, and efficient and effective in the installation. We couldn't be more pleased with having made the switch to solar electric with their help

    Joseph Rouse Middletown, CT
  • BeFree did a great job in the selection of the proper panels, planning the installation and completing the job. The panels look beautiful and maintain a consistent architectural appearance with the buildings on our property. Throughout the process, it was easy to reach BeFree to discuss our questions and concerns. They were timely, within budget and great to work with.

    A. Caginalp Haddam, CT
  • My late father was a passive solar architect. Photovoltaics were out of reach for most. He is smiling from above. At the end of one year our "Befree Solar" installation is exceeding our expectations. Thank you.

    Geoff Woods Haddam, CT
  • The system installed on my garage by BeFee Solar has worked very well. In its 3 years of operation, only three bills exceeded the monthly utility company billing charge (now about $19). The first winter, one of many snow storms and before I bought a 24' snow rake, resulted in two bills. A major rehab project on the house resulted in a third. All told, they amounted to less than what electricity for one winter month previously cost. Be Free personnel are competent, careful and courteous.

    Jim McLaughlin Durham CT
  • In my case, Befree was facing a difficult ground mount installation early last winter with a 100' + run thru very rocky soil that froze mid job requiring that they had to rent a jack hammer and a small backhoe. The system went on line, but the landscaping could not be completed until the spring thaw. The work was completed including replacing shrubs in the spring with no added cost. I knew it was going to be a difficult job and questioned the possible added cost for such situations as specified in the contract. Befree said, in effect, "no problem" & kept their word. My system is working flawlessly & saving $$.

    John Sodergren
  • The team was efficient, to the point, installation was timely, everything was taken care of without a hitch. The team has been available in case of questions or problems along the way and has been very responsive. We are 100% satisfied with the service.

    Nadeem Hussain Higganum, CT
  • Very happy with system My electric bill was as high as 450.00 per month and once my lease is paid off I will have no monthly lease payment and my $19.00 a month electric bill I'm earning money every month now but in a few years I'll be making $500.00 plus per month with no lease and no electric bill. Buy or lease your system don't do the no cost that a lot of companies are pushing because then you have to still buy your electric from them and there is very little savings. Read the fine print!!!!

    Mark Shadle Durham CT
  • Based on positive comments from friends in Durham, we installed our 10.9 KW system in July 2013. Since then we have generated over 34,000 kilowatt hours of green energy. In 2014 we replaced our old electric hot water heater with a more efficient hybrid model and our solar system now meets all of our power needs. Since installing the system, we have avoided the release of over 27,000 lbs of carbon into the atmosphere. We've been very happy with our system and feel that it has provided both the financial and environmental benefit we expected.

    The Thompsons Higganum, CT
  • happy with install,looks neat,good quality of work and very professional

    Sydney Gardner Griswold, CT
  • Install was hassle free, and happy to save a lot of money in the long run

    Kyle Odaynik Griswold, CT
  • The savings on electricity costs, the payback on the installation cost and the satisfaction delivered by a successfully operating solar system are irrefutable. BeFree Solar's dutiful , efficient and professional participation in this project ,from start to finished installation, made my decision to "go Solar" the absolute correct thing to do. I encourage every homeowner to carefully consider this alternate energy solution in their own energy profile.

    Mike Cummings Killingworth, CT
  • The town solarize program really got me thinking about solar. The price of energy would continue to rise and this was the time to do it with the grants and tax credits in place. I realize it was expensive but it made a lot of sense to me. And i Went with it! I am pleased with the installation and the results. The last 3 years I have had credits actually of $60, $160, and $70 so I made more than I used over the year. With the galvanized steel it looks very professional and I don't even notice it. It has done everything I was told it would do. My nephew decided to go with it and now my son is also installing it right now. My son is doing it in part because he saw what happened at our house! Its Great!

    Warren Herzig Durham CT
  • For seven months in 2015, I paid only the basic electric utility charge of $19.25. Since I primarily use electric heat pumps to heat and cool my home, the use of solar panels have greatly reduced my need for fuel oil. I had no problems with the installation of my solar panels by BeFree Solar and all the people at BeFree were pleasant and responsive.

    Mary Santarcangelo Killingworth, CT
  • We installed our panels 5 years ago. We have been happy with the energy production. Every year our production exceeded, our electrical needs except for 2015 when the snow fall was exceptionally heavy in the month February. The system is very unobtrusive. BeeFree did an excellent job of installation.

    James Lang Redding, CT
  • We are delighted with our solar panels and BeFree was very professional group and did the install in a timely manner. We have an old 1800's home with good sun and it was a good update for this home. Thank you BeFree Michelle Straub

    Roger L Straub Higganum, CT
  • We decided to go solar to end our dependence on our local power utility who has the second highest rates in the country and also to take advantage of our house's near perfect orientation and roof pitch. BeFree came to the house and did not discourage us from doing this. Other contractor told us we had too many trees in the way and didn't want to go any further in discussions or number crunching, even though we mentioned that we were not opposed to taking down trees. We ended up doing just that and have not regretted it. The installation went smoothly and quickly. The system is already performing better than expected and we have yet to get into the summer months. We would encourage everyone to at least consider a solar installation and working with BeFree.

    Kenneth MacLeod Haddam, CT
  • When we made the decision to go Solar, about 3 years ago, it was not about the environment. It was about using the equity in our home to reduce our monthly electric bills by purchasing solar panels and to increase the eventual resale value of our home. We will be retiring in about 6-12 months and we were interested in reducing our "fixed cost" for electricity until we need to sell our house.

    In the 9 years prior to installing solar, our annual average electric bills were $2,750/year.

    In the first year of usage, our total bill was $1,236 and in the second year it was $807 and in 2015 the total was $717.

    For the last 11 months we have paid the minimum connect fee of $19.25 and our bill for March was $-30.25, as we still had a kWh credit as of March and Eversource "trues up" any outstanding credits as of March each year.

    I am anticipating that as of the end or 2016, our total cost for this year, including the $1/month energy donation we provide, will be about $245.

    While we will still have the cost of the initial installation to offset for several years to come, we have proven that we can keep our monthly "fixed cost" of only $19.25 consistent across an entire year, regardless of the weather and its impact on our energy production. We believe that going to solar was not only a good investment for the environment but a good financial investment to reduce our monthly costs in retirement.

    Brian Harvey
  • BeFree Solar installed our new solar energy system about a year ago (March 2015). It has delivered as advertised, with our net bill providing a small credit for the year for excess energy generated vs used, and bill after bill at $19.25, which is the minimum bill with Eversource monthly to have an account.

    The installation went well, the electricians, the roof rail system installers, and the panel installers all were friendly and professional. Work was inspected by the owners, and everyone showed up when they said they would.

    I think the key issue for us was deciding if the roof needs to be replaced. We were a few years away, but the incentives provided by federal and state were too good to pass up for the solar system, so we decided to get the roof done first. A first class job was done by CT Roofcrafters.

    Very happy with our system and the job done by BeFree Solar. They are a local company with good employees. Once you decide on the roof decision, the rest is easier, with the exception of all the inspectors from the state that need to sign off and have access. A minor annoyance, but something you have to know up front.

    Overall, glad we decided to do it!

    Chuck Langevin & Vicki Harris Killingworth, CT
  • I'm very much in favor of Green Energy and being able to harvest the energy of the sun for a modest investment makes a log of sense. I've already seen some savings even though it has been a cloudy and snowy winter. The installation went smoothly and there have been no problems. It is easy to view via the computer the energy produced. Thanks

    Austin Deming Griswold, CT
  • We have had a solar system, installed by BeFreeSolar, for about a year and a half. We have seen a significant decrease in our electric bill. We see it as an investment in our home for now and the future.

    Bob Reynolds Killingworth, CT
  • The installation was efficient and courteous and financially relatively painless.

    James C Scott Durham CT
  • We installed our system as part of Solarize Durham. BeFree was quick to make the site assessment, and worked with me to get the correct array configured that fit my roof and looked good. Looking at the power generation statistics on SolarOS has educated my family about our power use, so we have actually reduced our consumption in addition to producing our own.

    Paul Griese Durham CT
  • Good communication throughout the bid and install process. Clear timeline given. Good tech assistance for setup of monitoring system. Installers coordinated with town inspectors and electricians. Still enjoying watching the megawatts accumulate and only one bill has exceeded the $19.25 grid connection fee since system went online. (due to prolonged cloudy period and snow cover on the panels which was slow to melt)

    Sal d'Alessandro Higganum, CT
  • Next month will make it one year of being free from fossil fuel electricity. Installation crews did a great job, installation crew leader Ernie was a pleasure to work with.

    Jim Woodworth Higganum, CT
  • We solarized last year and we went on line in June and have not had an electric bill nor used more than 70 gallons of oil since that date. The installation process was quick and efficient. Be Free Solar was very attentive throughout the installation and after we went live and they still check in periodically. The system is sleek and not visually offensive. We are quite happy with our decision from both and environmental and a financial standpoint and would encourage any homeowner with reasonable south facing real estate to go solar.

    Brian Poirier Killingworth, CT
  • Our energy footprint has been a concern of ours for a while. With the available incentives from the state and federal governments, and the state of photovoltaic technology, it finally made financial sense for us to go solar. What a great decision! Our electric bill is almost nonexistent and we feel great about doing our part to protect the environment.

    Scott Allen East Haddam, CT
  • For me going Solar was a forgone conclusion. I bought my house in 1980 with a southern exposure with that purpose in mind. I waited for the confluence of technology advancement, government incentives and manufacturing productivity to make my move. The cost benefit for both yourself and greater community (no matter how broad you define it) is worth it. A generation ago governmental solar incentives were taken away but the fossil fuel tax breaks were not. I didn't want to miss the boat again so I bought a system that saves me $3500 annually (based on how my system is really working).

    8 1/2 years from when I installed it, it will be paid off. After that like a debt the money can be repurposed for other things.

    My experience with BeFree was positive, not just before and during the installation process but afterwards as well. These people have integrity and know what they are doing. Think of all the people who have done work for you and ask yourself, What is that worth to me?

    Ron Capozzi Durham CT
  • My name is James Craig, I want to tell you how pleased I am with your Solar System . First, the quality of your work installing the solar panels and the time it took was nothing but great ! There was no mess to clean after the fact, everything was first rate. The workers were knowledgeable and fast for the task at hand and pleasant to deal with all the time or better said, Very Professional.

    The one thing that seemed to take a long time were the inspections, the town , the bank and Be Free Solar. I realize those things were necessary for all concerned , including myself. All is well that ends well, we were able to" switch on " the middle of September, 2015. I am happy to say everything is working as planned. Judging from my electric bills going solar was the right move for us.

    James Craig
  • Several years ago my husband and I looked into solar electricity. At the time, it was over $30,000 for the amount of panels we could fit on our barn. We decided that was too expensive for us. In 2014, our town linked up with Befree Solar in a program to allow townspeople from Killingworth and Haddam to purchase a solar system for their homes at a much more reasonable price. It has worked very well and has produced over seven thousand kilowatt hours in the past year. It was great to go 5 months just paying the $23.75 fee for being connected to Eversource.

    Befree was very easy to work with and did a good job of installing the material. I would hire them again if i had a house without solar electric.

    Susan Bement Haddam Neck, CT
  • I am excited and proud to contribute to the health of our earth and benefit personally from installing solar panels. The process was efficient and the support provided through this process was handled by professionals in their fields. I would encourage my neighbors and residents of CT to take advantage of this best option for their energy needs and install solar panels on their homes.

    Linda Heiten Durham CT
  • We are very pleased with our 11 Kilowatt ground-mount solar array, installed by BeFree Solar. At the time we signed the contract, September 2014, the demand was very heavy in Killingworth and installation did not start until May of 2015 with completion in August 2015. After a full month of solar power, our electric bill dropped to $19.25--the basic service charge. Previously we had spent up to $400/month for electricity, mainly for air conditioning, during the summer.

    Because we were installing a ground mount, the town required a percolation test for an alternative septic field. BeFree came to the house and, for no charge, dug a four foot hole for the test. The men on the installation crew were very hard working and competent. The mini back-ho operator was very careful to dig the necessary trench for the underground cable so as to do minimum damage to the roots of the various trees he encountered. Some problems in installation were encountered and BeFree showed their commitment to doing a good job by being willing to work with us and consider our point of view.

    We feel that BeFree Solar is an excellent company and we are very pleased with the final solar array.

    James Vance Killingworth CT
  • BeFree Solar installed our 10 kw system in 2010 and it has worked fine ever since. We are very please with solar and highly recommend having solar installed, if it's at all possible. BeFree did a nice job with our installation.

    Tim Gannon
  • I have been using my BeFree Solar System since November, 2015. Unfortunately, my system is being used under winter conditions so the output is low compared to what I expect to see as summer approaches. However, I am pleased to say that I am already saving money over my previous electrical bills, and I like to think I am also helping the environment.

    I would add that I have been very pleased with the product and personnel at BeFree Solar. I had talked to them several times while setting up my solar installation, and they were always very knowledgeable and helpful. The installation went as planned, and so far there have been no problems. Hopefully this will continue for the next twenty years. The software provided also is easy to use, and allows me to check on my system whenever I choose. I would have to say I am a very satisfied customer.

    Kenneth S. Sek South Windsor, CT
  • Going solar was a "no brainer" Why would you not want to go solar? BE FREE SOLAR did an outstanding job from start to finish. All questions & concerns were answered quickly & accurately. If you want your solar design & installation done well, go BE FREE SOLAR !!!

    Larrry Garvin Lisbon, CT
  • In 2014 I was part of the Haddam Energy Task Force and very involved in getting people interested in going solar. The Haddam-Killingworth Solarize program was the leader in number of customers to go solar of all of the CT Solarize programs in the state.

    I know that I got the best looking and most efficient panel for the best price possible. BeFree Solar cares about the aesthetics of their installations and has first-rate installers and very caring personnel.

    I’m retired but do have pension income, so it has taken me two years to get my 30% federal income tax credit. I haven’t paid taxes in two years. People can claim this benefit for up to five years.

    The State of Connecticut is still giving a rebate incentive for residents who install solar on their property. It is the best investment I’ve ever made and that it is much wiser, in my opinion, to have invested in rooftop solar than collecting 0.65% interest rate in my savings account. My electric bill is $19.25 per month, which is the minimum price to still be connected to the electrical grid. Additionally, I build credit with the utility company each month for the extra kilowatt hours that I generate and do not use at my house each day which are then sent back to the electric grid.

    I also had a Mitsubishi heat pump installed which provides heating for my home. It is near the end of November and I haven’t had to run my oil furnace yet this year. The electricity created by the solar panels is enough to cover the extra electricity needed to power the heat pump. I hope to get through the winter without needing the backup oil furnace this year. My 22 solar panels are providing enough electricity for powering, heating and cooling my home.

    BeFree Solar is a very reputable company, honest & trustworthy. I believe they go out of their way to satisfy their customers. I am very happy to do my part to help our planet and reduce global warming by being free using solar energy.

    Mary Ann Gilman Haddam, CT
  • “I put a new roof on so I combined efforts with going solar, and started making large amounts of electricity without consuming fossil fuels. BeFree was very professional and made the process seamless. From an economic standpoint, its exciting to monitor my production and compare, getting my savings in real time! You trust your doctor, lawyer, and minister, you also have to trust your solar installer. I am confident in BeFree’s workmanship.”

    Roger Sirrus Madison, CT
  • “Two factors for switching to solar energy are the timing, I qualified for the lease program so BeFree walked me through the process and it was easy! I’m going to save $34,000 over the next 30 years. International turmoil over resources is the other factor, and it makes me feel good i’m doing my part to fix the problem! Everyone should GO SOLAR NOW!”

    Pete Govert East Haddam, CT
  • “We’re thrilled and was looking forward to this for awhile! Helping the environment is very important to our family, we have done all we can to reduce and become a green home. We installed with $0 out of pocket, and our bills are lower! What a step in the right direction for everyone to be a part of!”

    The Whatleys Trumbull, CT
  • “Our 300 year old house gets lots of sunlight, and combining it’s antiqueness with the best technology is exciting. We now can continue into the next 50 years being self sustainable! Our monthly payment is less and we had the system installed with no money up front, we don’t know why everyone isn’t a part of this program!”

    The Shadels Durham CT