Your goals for your business are unique. That’s why BeFree Solar takes a customized and all-inclusive approach to developing a photovoltaic energy system that meets your needs. By using the world’s leading manufacturers of solar modules, inverters and racking systems, we are committed to keeping up with global innovations in PV products. You can be assured we will provide the highest and most efficient solar power generation system at the lowest cost.

Today states across America have large goals of installing renewable power. Converting from a fossil fuel-based power supply to a renewable and sustainable energy base should be the goal for the entire planet. Fuel and utility costs are among the greatest expenses your business faces – and as utility costs become more unpredictable, you’ll need an option that helps manage these costs.

Pay a fixed rate per kWh for the solar electricity you produce and use at your facility. The entire installation is free, you only pay for the electricity the system generates.

Whether you buy the system outright or do a PPA – you still benefit from solar tax credits, even if your organization has no tax liability to offset, great for municipal clients. BeFree Solar is the in-house PPA financier and is able to monetize available tax incentives and pass these savings on to you in the form of a lower PPA rate.

Solar Battery Backup Power When the Grid Goes Out

With our solar battery backup solution you can never be without power.

We instantly switch your home over to battery backup power in a silent and quick manner.

We have been doing this since 2009 and have a large amount of experience dealing with all sorts of battery backup solutions.

Educational Institutions

Solar energy solutions not only power the classroom, but fuel innovative thinking. Installing systems in educational institutions helps teach students about cutting-edge renewable energy technologies by allowing them to observe design and construction first-hand. Universities will benefit from lower energy costs while portraying an eco-friendly campus.

Goverment Agencies

It takes innovative thinking to meet the increasing demands of our energy needs. Businesses and municipalities have to do more with less while remaining compliant with federal mandates. You can meet your mission by switching to a solar electric system that reduces energy costs and helps the environment.


The heart and soul of America is our open space and farmland, and installing solar energy in these places is a natural fit. Solar produces renewable and dependable energy for your farm-based operation. USDA programs offer additional incentives, lowering your overall cost. Achieve sustainability for generations to come!

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  • How many times have you heard the phrase “if it’s too good to be true… then it probably isn’t.”? In January of 2010 I attended a solar workshop at the Killingworth Library given by Kapil Luthra and his brother Harsh. They were very knowledgeable about solar systems and how to get leasing and funding. I contacted them after the workshop for an individual meeting because “it sounded too good to be true”. Kapil was great explaining the cost benefits, leasing or purchasing, the installation process, and the outside inspections. Harsh prepared a proposal that included how the system works, an aerial view of my property for the proposed location, energy analysis and cost comparisons, 30 year costs of electricity, environmental benefits, terms and conditions and the agreement.

    In July of 2012 BeFree Solar’s team built and installed a 6.16kW ground mount system composed of 28 panels. In three days we were operational. The workers were friendly, courteous, professional, and completed a perfect install. The Killingworth Town building inspector was the first of three inspectors to approve the system. At the end of the project BeFree presented us with a binder containing all the information we could ever need about our system. It is a great reference for contact numbers and answering questions for repairs, what if we sell the house?, etc. We can monitor each individual panel on the web anytime and anywhere to make sure they are operating at peak performance. After almost four years of operation there has only been one repair, a defective breaker shut down half the system. The electrician came out immediately and replaced it. No charge.

    Over 4 years the environmental benefit has been huge. Using solar panels to date we have stopped 20,328.32 pounds of carbon emissions, planted an equivalent of 17 trees, and save 14.87 barrels of oil. We have not purchased one kilowatt of energy from the power company. In fact for the past three years they have written us a check every March for the extra kilowatts we have generated!

    “If it sounds too good to be true, and it involves BeFree Solar don’t fret over it because, it definitely is true!” I highly recommend BeFree Solar for all your solar needs.

    John Byrne Killingworth, CT
  • A little over a year ago I contracted with BeFree Solar to install solar panels at our home located at 241 Jackson Rd Higganum, CT. BeFree came to our house and interviewed us, did an audit of our electric needs, walked out property to determine the best location for the panels, inspected our existing electrical infrastructure and made recommendations as how to best upgrade our electrical system to take full advantage of the solar panels they were recommending. We chose to go with a 10,000kW array. BeFree quoted us a price to do the complete job. We decided to do some of the work ourselves which included digging the trenches and setting the sonutubes in order to lover the cost. BeFree was very supportive in this effort and answered all of my questions. Be Free gave us a start and completion date for the project and delivered on what they said.

    Our panels started working in December of 2012 and as of February 2014, here have only been two months we have paid more than the minimum of $16.00 per month. Our ills used to average $210.00 in the winter and over $320.00 in the summer. I believe that the system is a good investment for the environment and me.

    BeFree approached the project in a professional manor, returned all of my calls, and delivered exactly what they promised.


    Jonathan Williams Higganum, CT
  • I enjoyed dealing with Be Free Solar when I had them install my system. Everyone was very helpful with answering any questions I had. The installers were efficient and polite.

    Sylvia Fazzino Durham CT
  • BeFree Solar did a wonderful job pricing, installing and making our system operate. All their work was highly professional and their workmen were knowledgeable and very nice. Highly recommend this company!!!

    Wendy Ifkovic Killingworth, CT
  • The main reason I went Solar is I wanted to be off the "grid". The reason I went with BeFree Green Energy was because the Town of Haddam Connecticut picked BeFree Green Energy. I went to their presentation and I liked what I heard and I signed up to have them install their system. I am very happy with BeFree Green Energy, they monitor the systems they install and contact their customers several times during and after installation. I enjoy talking to the men and women who work for this company, they are very knowable and friendly.

    Loralee Woods Haddam, CT
  • I have had the Solar Systems for fourteen months and so far I am happy with it. I am getting about a 7% return on my investment. It feels good when you only have to send the power company $19 a month and that is only to be connected to the grid. The installation went well and so far I have had no problems.

    Donald McDougall Killingworth, CT
  • We had been thinking about solar for a long time and when Killingworth joined Solarize CT, we couldn't pass up the opportunity! BeFree won the bid and we got a great deal with excellent installation. My husband and I are so glad we took the leap! GO SOLAR with BeFree, you won't regret it!

    Margaret Tobelman Killingworth, CT
  • We have been very satisfied with our experience with BeFree Solar. We were operational about the last day of June 2015 so this year has not banked enough energy to get us through the winter, but looking forward to doing so next year. All of the representatives we have had contact with from the initial salesman who signed us up to the ones who have come to our house for inspections, etc. and those we have dealt with by phone have been the most courteous and helpful people. The installation went smoothly with very little disruption to our daily living. All in all our overall experience has been very positive and i would give them high marks.

    Helen Deag
  • We are very happy with our solar panels. The black color of the panels doesn't stand out and almost looks better than the plain roof. We face south and have a pretty wide open area , conducive to collecting the solar energy. Our panels were installed in June of 2015 and it is now March of 2016. We have not had to buy any energy from the electric company and only have to pay the hook up fee each month. We are especially pleased about this because we use a lot of energy. We thought that February and March would be poor months because of the lower sun and the shorter days, but evidently, due to the leaves not being on the trees, we are still collecting quite a bit. The computer monitoring system works great and is fun to observe to see how much energy you are collecting.

    Marjorie Tietjen Killingworth, CT
  • When we decided to build a house in 1984 we knew it had to be environmentally friendly. We investigated all that was available at the time, envelope, sheltered, passive & active solar homes. We wanted active solar but because of the expense, we went with passive solar. Finally last year we were able to get the solar panels that we wanted. Through our town, Be Free Solar was the company that installed our panels. They were more than accommodating with our schedules & they professionally guided us through the whole installation & inspection process We highly recommend Be Free Solar.

    The Cobbs Higganum, CT