Your goals for your business are unique. That’s why BeFree Solar takes a customized and all-inclusive approach to developing a photovoltaic energy system that meets your needs. By using the world’s leading manufacturers of solar modules, inverters and racking systems, we are committed to keeping up with global innovations in PV products. You can be assured we will provide the highest and most efficient solar power generation system at the lowest cost.

Today States have large renewable power goals which they must meet by 2020. Converting from a fossil fuel-based power supply to a renewable and sustainable energy base should be the goal for the entire planet. Fuel and utility costs are among the greatest expenses your business faces – and as utility costs become more unpredictable, you’ll need an option that helps manage these costs.

Pay a fixed rate per kWh for the solar electricity you produce and use at your facility. The entire installation is free, you only pay for the electricity the system generates.

Whether you buy the system outright or do a PPA – you still benefit from solar tax credits, even if your organization has no tax liability to offset, great for municipal clients. BeFree Solar is the in-house PPA financier and is able to monetize available tax incentives and pass these savings on to you in the form of a lower PPA rate.

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Educational Institutions

Solar energy solutions not only power the classroom, but fuel innovative thinking. Installing systems in educational institutions helps teach students about cutting-edge renewable energy technologies by allowing them to observe design and construction first-hand. Universities will benefit from lower energy costs while portraying an eco-friendly campus.

Goverment Agencies

It takes innovative thinking to meet the increasing demands of our energy needs. Businesses and municipalities have to do more with less while remaining compliant with federal mandates. You can meet your mission by switching to a solar electric system that reduces energy costs and helps the environment.


The heart and soul of America is our open space and farmland, and installing solar energy in these places is a natural fit. Solar produces renewable and dependable energy for your farm-based operation. USDA programs offer additional incentives, lowering your overall cost. Achieve sustainability for generations to come!

Our Clients

  • I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for BeFree Solar as an installer participating in the Solarize Connecticut Program.

    The Town of Durham was one of the first four towns chosen to pilot the Solarize Connecticut program. It was a very rewarding experience that resulted in 117 executed contracts that generates over a megawatt of energy produced by solar. I can point to a number of reasons we were so successful, but a good deal of credit rests with BeFree Solar.

    The staff at BeFree Solar were equally invested in making sure that the program had a positive result. 117 contracts were executed, but over 500 quotes were generated. They worked vary hard to give everyone who was interested a quote to consider. It was because of this effort that we reached Tier 5 before the halfway point.

    Our building official found their staff easy to worth with from permitting and inspection point of view. I continue to hear compliments on the subcontractors that were hired by BeFree Solar as well as the quality of materials that were used. They were also quite responsive to some minor disagreements and misunderstandings that can be expected with the volume of work that was done.

    All in all, we are proud of the Solarize Durham project and the soil partnership with BeFree Solar.

    Town of Durham Durham CT
  • BeFree Solar was chosen by the Town of Griswold for a Solarize program coordinated with the Connecticut Green Bank. During the course of the program with the hard work of volunteers and BeFree staff the town contracted 43 homes. The total amount of solar installed was 390 kW.

    BeFree staff worked very hard during the many months we had to sign homes up for the program. We had monthly town meetings explaining the program and mailed the residents often. We also had plenty of great food at all our events. BeFree spared no expense and did not have a fixed budget throughout the campaign. They tried as hard as possible to reach as many customers as possible.

    Through their hard work, Griswold was the #1 town in the round which applied as a single town. Only a 4 town coalition beat Griswold alone. This should say a lot about the residents of Griswold as well as the team at BeFree Solar.

    Early in the program BeFree donated a Chargepoint electric car charging station to the town hall which already had solar panels on it. The was a great gesture on their part and it shows the town’s commitment to clean transportation energy in the future.

    The building department worked equally will with BeFree Solar making sure everything was expeditious for our homeowners. Everyone’s solar system was turned on in a very short time period after installation.

    We are proud of the Solarize Griswold campaign and the great partnership with BeFree Solar.

    Town of Griswold Griswold, CT
  • I am sending along this unsolicited letter because I believe when things go well in a business relationship we ought to give credit where it is due. I have long been interested in conservation, green activities and living lightly on our shared planet.

    To this end, in 2007 we installed solar panels on our home in Farmington, Connecticut. Subsequently, we kept careful, almost daily, records of our electrical production. Later, as a member of the Building and Grounds group at my church, we attempted to install a ground based solar system, only to be defeated at the last moment when the company involved backed out from a negotiated contract with the church.

    In September of 2015 a group of leaders from the Unitarian Society of Hartford got together to again initiate obtaining solar power. My contacts in Durham, CT suggested BeFree had been well received. After the group decided to move forward, we sought a bid on the proposed project from BeFree and another vendor. The second vendor backed out and removed an offer from the table. In contrast, we found Harsh Luthra and Bryant Kramss from BeFree responsive to our request for a proposal, and willing to work with us on zoning issues with Hartford, building permits and other details. In particular, when we asked BeFree to get the project up and running in the early spring they performed exactly as promised. They were also helpful on issues of financing to the extent requested.

    We are very pleased with the successful construction, and complex electrical work required for our unique building. The ground-based system began production in late March 2016. I have also recently worked with BeFree on an enhancement to our home solar electric arrangements.

    I currently serve as sole proprietor of the Unitarian Society of Hartford solar installation. My previous career was in collective bargaining where I learned to value the personal character of colleagues and adversaries who could be depended upon to keep their promises and deliver on schedule. Such individuals should be recognized appropriately.

    David Newton Farmington, CT
  • My system has been up and running since December 2012. With the government incentives and program set up in my town the return on investment will be achieved in 2 more years, We installed two electric heat pumps and an instant hot water heater. We have not had one single maintenance issue since the installation. It was a great investment, good for the earth, American economy and energy independence.

    Mike Carria Mueller Industries, Durham CT
  • We are so happy to be SOLAR! BeFree worked with us to have solar installed on our metal roofed building when 3 other solar companies said they couldn’t do it. They walked us through the financing and their attention to detail during the whole design and install process made working with them a pleasure. We can already see the savings, even though it was activated during the short stormy days of January.

    John Giammatteo John Giammatteo Photographs, Middlefield, CT
  • “We helped the state reach its solar energy goal of 30MW, as well as saving thousands of dollars in electricity costs each year. This installation will sustain us into the future, what we were spending on high electricity rates can now be re-invested into our business!”

    Woodbury Garden Center, Woodbury, CT – 90,000 kWh / Year Production
  • “Our non-profit private school has to watch its costs to survive. BeFree showed us the benefits of solar energy and the financial savings we will have over the next 30 years. We also started a solar curriculum to prepare scientists of the future with hands on experience!”

    Franklin Academy, East Haddam, CT – 120,000 kWh / Year Production

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


No Capital Investment

No initial capital investment, since you only pay for the solar electricity that is produced.

Fixed Energy Rates

A PPA provides a powerful hedge against volatile electricity prices. Lower your electricity prices and get free solar panel installation and start saving today!

Full-Service Project Management & Maintenance

BeFree Solar designs, develops, and operates your solar energy system from start-to-finish. You have no responsibility for owning, operating or maintaining the solar system equipment.

Monetize Tax Credits & Solar Incentives like the ZREC from Connecticut

Benefit from solar tax credits, even if your organization has no tax liability to offset – great for Municipal clients. BeFree Solar is the In House PPA financier and is able to monetize available tax incentives and pass these savings on to you in the form of a lower PPA rate. One company to deal with and one solar solution for your business. Add to this ZREC incentives to make for a winning project.

Engineering - Procurement & Construction EPC Services


SAVE  40% OFF YOUR CURRENT ELECTRICITY RATES! Without spending anything.

Buy Solar Electricity at a cost lower than Utility Grid Rates

We agree to generate solar electricity and you agree to purchase the electricity at low fixed rates for a long term through a power purchase agreement.

We take care of  finance – design and engineering – construction – monitoring – maintenance.

No initial cost or capital outlay.

Save Money while being sustainable.

Lock in the savings of today for the next 20 years – try doing that with the Utility.

Solar power is a great financial decision for businesses. Rising electricity rates and great incentives should motivate everyone to switch to solar power, not to mention the long term benefit to your profit margins. Become a Green business today!

We Offer a Turn Key Solution-We Develop-Own-Operate PV Power Plants

We design, build, own, operate commercial projects, 100% from start to finish, taking care of all paperwork. We offer the highest quality award winning designs producing more energy over 30 years!

Leasing Your Property:
If you have unused acreage we could be interested in it for a large scale solar farm.  Harvesting the sun is possible in many parts of the country.  We place solar on your property and compensate you for the land with yearly lease payments.  Leases are between 20-25 years.  You may choose to sell your land during the term to us.  We carry full insurance on the solar panels and products against liability. 

If your land is greater than 10 Acres  – flat and cleared close to power lines  or adjacent to a utility sub-station  we are ready to discuss this potential with you!

Through the BeFree Power Purchase Agreement (BPPA), schools can go solar at no upfront cost. Per the contract, a school enters into an agreement to buy clean energy from BeFree Solar at a predetermined and economical rate, while BeFree Solar absorbs all the costs of design, construction, operation and maintenance of a solar PV energy system.  At the end of the term the School enjoys Free Solar Power viagra prisfald.


A Solar Carport can solve a number of problems all with one simple solution.  Want to cool cars parked in the hot sun?  Want to power electric vehicles using sun power?  Want to generate electricity from your parking lot?  Want to stop heat generation via parking lots in cities?  All of these problems can be solved with one simple Carport solution. 

A renewable energy, energy security, and transportation game changer.  Transform parking lots and buildings into beautiful power plants, generating new revenue opportunities while holistically integrating natural resource management systems, which include geothermal energy and water harvesting. Tap the future today.

Contact our commercial solar sales team today to learn how your parking lot can begin to make you money!