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Stop paying for electricity now by installing solar panels.  Come learn how we have converted to the electric lifestyle and we can easily do it for you as well. By converting your home and business to solar energy you stop the cycle of paying for energy that generates pollution which we will have to clean up someday.   

Our Goal:  To give you FREE ENERGY & let you BeFree

Our Benefits:

  1. Highest Quality Workmanship and Design

  2. Highly trained team with years of experience. 

  3. Long Term Labor Warranty

  4. Quick 3 Day project completion

  5. Equipment rated #1 in test results with the longest warranties - we do the homework for you!

  6. Enphase Inverters monitoring each panel making 80% more power on cloudy days and 25% more power on sunny days with a 25 year warranty!

  7. German Engineered Rails made in USA

  8. Online Energy Usage Monitoring

  9. Beautiful Ultra Strong Ground Mounts

  10. Less than 2% Voltage Drop on Wiring

  11. Hidden wiring run inside your home’s walls

  12. Iphone / Ipad App for Monitoring